The Record Linking Lab is directed by Joseph Price, an Associate Professor of Economics at BYU. We are certainly open to other faculty who would like to be part of the lab, and you are welcome to contact Joe Price (joe_price@byu.edu) about collaborating on a project or helping with the lab in any way.


There are some really great groups on campus that are doing amazing projects related to family history work. These include the Family History Technology Lab and the Center for Family History and Genealogy. We interact with both of these groups, and the specific focus of our lab is to improve the Family Tree at FamilySearch through projects that help better link individuals across time and families across generations.


Our motivation is to combine the efforts of scholarly community (particularly economic historians) with the unique resources and user-created linkages on FamilySearch to link together families over time. We also want to provide a mentored research experience for as many students as possible and create a well-trained set of amateur family historians.


Several of our current projects could benefit from individuals willing to volunteer to help us. These are projects that can be done remotely and involve various ways in which we are improving the coverage and quality of the Family Tree at FamilySearch. If you would like to get involved, just visit our volunteer portal at: bit.ly/rll_volunteer