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Automated Indexing

We currently have a grant from the MIH and a grant from the NSF to develop tools to automatically index historical records. We are currently focused on US Census records but the tools we are developing will allow us to automatically index records from many different countries. We've also created a new way to index, called reverse indexing. You can try it out at, and the key innovation is that you just mark the ones that shouldn’t be there and then hit submit to index the whole batch at once. We also have a mobile indexing app,, in which each of the images on this app were snipped and indexed by a machine learning algorithm. Currently, we can narrow the correct name to a small set of options and the indexing app will allow us to improve our hand-writing recognition until it is able to match the accuracy of a human. We are working with Kasey Buckles, Mark Clement, Christian Dahl, and Torben Johansen on this the project.