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The work in our lab is currently funded by grants from the National Institute of Health, the Russell Sage Foundation, and the California Center for Population Research. Additional funding from donors allows our lab to take on projects that we can't get funded through traditional academic funding channels. We are currently seeking donors who would like to support our work to auto-index historical records, gamify the indexing experience for youth, increase the coverage of African-Americans on the Family Tree, and set up a large project related to the First Vision to help commerorate the 200th anniversary next Spring.

Your donation to the BYU Record Linking Lab will have a triple impact. First, all of the money you will donate will be spent directly on undergraduate research assistants at BYU, providing them an excellent mentored research experience. Second, all of the work they do will directly result in additions and improvements to the Family Tree at FamilySearch. Third, in many cases, we can find a scholar willing to match your donation with their own research funding.

We are very grateful for any donations that you are able to provide to support the work we are doing. We are particularly grateful to John Weymouth who provided key support during a formative period of our lab. Please contact us if you would like to help support the lab in anyway or click the link below and include BYU Record Linking Lab in the comments section. Here is also a link to a document that describes four projects that we are currently seeking for him from donors to support.